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Dec 8, 2013 4:45pm EST
about it. now, i will say this talk by publication in britain. and it may have different laws and may threaten to sue my publisher in a back out. then, an international, the raiders organization invited me to come to think that i talked to members of the house of lords because they were rewriting defamation laws. and they had to go. so i am hopeful that we will deal to publish in the wind. you know, it was a consideration when i first talked to the editor of "the new yorker," well before paul haggis to that of the church can we talked about my interest in writing about scientology and we were mindful of the fact that coming in now, the church had, for instance, when "time" magazine did an exposÉ, scientology suit "time" magazine. they lost every step along the way, all the way to the supreme court. but it was the most expensive suit "time" magazine never defended. it took 10 years. i didn't want to put my magazine to that, nor did i want to spend 10 years making acquisitions. if you think there's a chilling effect, there is the chilling effect. but i think now, more people are writin
Dec 7, 2013 3:55pm EST
-- george's father's mother-in-law who has alzheimer's. early in the month of february her alzheimer's medicine went awry and she was in desperate condition. the whole family flocked around her. she pulled through but the father has a heart attack. he gets out of the hospital four days later this takes place. the father, the mother and the mother-in-law has to go into hiding the brother has to go into hiding. there's a 10,000-dollar bounty put on his head. that law remains in effect as far as i know. it's still unfair and not a word said in their defense. thank you very much. >> hi jack. i've heard various things about the evening when trayvon visited the convenience store and bought the skittles and maybe other items and i wonder what your investigation turned up in those matters? be this late tribute to the conservative treehouse and this dazzling work done by a fellow who blogs by the name of the weatherman. don't ask me why. i used all their blog names by the way in the course of this but there is a surveillance video where trayvon martin went that night and the story of why he wen
Dec 1, 2013 8:05pm EST
time it was the issue that he mastered now understanding the nuances of the of labor law with that complex political battle but to give some marvelous speeches with the french involvement algeria and how that u.s. should try to re-emerge in the cold war. the most compelling person that i expected and of course, had great contemporaries. head with a scoop jackson did was an interesting time. >> host: what was the relationship with lead did john said? >> guest: i spent time at the kennedy library at his file was thick with letters asking for better committee of sideman's. kennedy was the junior senator so he said the lot of letters asking for different committee assignments but johnson would put them away. said he appointed kennedy as third or force pitiers some type of harvard commissioned and then to say we're making period great progress. it was a competitive relationship but in the end he respected kennedy as the tough politician not heavy hitter on policy but compelling political figure. >> host: did president kennedy's senate career benefit him as president? >> he understood fo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3